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West Shawnigan Lake Provincial Park

West Shawnigan Lake Provincial Park is a delightful park on the western shore of Shawnigan Lake. This popular summer recreation area offers a wealth of outdoor activities, including fishing, boating and waterskiing – it’s a wonderful place for a family picnic.

The lake contains rainbow and cutthroat trout, kokanee and smallmouth bass. The surrounding areas provides great cycling and mountain biking terrain.

Shawnigan Lake is an excellent paddling lake and the warm water is perfect for swimming. Memory Island Provincial Park is located on the southern half of Shawnigan Lake. It only requires a short 1-km paddle […]

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Shawnigan Lake

Premier Listings for Shawnigan Lake

A fashionable summer recreation and cottage area for over a century, Shawnigan Lake has seen its share of happy anglers, blissful sunbathers, and elegant day-trippers. The lake is still a favourite weekend getaway spot and has become one of Victoria’s more popular “bedroom” communities.

Shawnigan Lake Village is a well-known venue for arts and craft shows. Located on the eastern shore of the lake, the village contains two small general stores, three restaurants, several beaches and various small businesses, including a barber and two coffee shops. There is […]

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Museums in British Columbia

British Columbia proudly offers many fabulous museums, including the Royal BC Museum in Victoria, one of the top museums in the world. Step back far in time in these intriguing places of discovery, to view the realistic and inviting displays of native culture, history and artifacts, and study the natural history of this beautiful region. Learn how nature has shaped and cared for the people who have lived in British Columbia for thousands of years, and how that all changed with the arrival of European settlers in the late 1700s. Almost every small town in […]

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Map of South Vancouver Island

Map of South Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

Maps of Towns and Regions on South Vancouver Island

Information on Towns and Regions on South Vancouver Island

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Scenic Drives on Vancouver Island

For those travelling by car or bicycle, the roadways that trace the coastline of Vancouver Island wind through scenery that will take your breath away! To see the island at its best, one must take time to explore it. Several weeks could be spent on the island without exhausting the possibilities that are available. However, for those with limited time, Vancouver Island can yield many enchanting secrets – with just a little planning.

View maps of the area:

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History of Colwood

10,000 to 15,000 years ago: Pleistocene glaciation.
1,700 years ago: Straits Salish Indian settlement site at Esquimalt Lagoon.
1,000 years ago: Straits Salish Indian settlement at Witty’s Lagoon.

  • 1493 Spain’s traditional rights to the Pacific coast were established in a Papal Bull.
  • 1513 The Southern Ocean was first sighted by Europeans from the Isthmus of Panama.
  • 1579 Drake, in the “Golden Hind”, landed on the California coast and laid claim to the undiscovered territory of Nova Albion (North America) for the British Crown. He then sailed northward in search of the Northwest Passage and a short route back to […]
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All Parks in British Columbia

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Offroad 4×4 & ATV Tours on Vancouver Island

Those who devote themselves to adventurous exploration eventually make their way to British Columbia to hike trophy trails, ski trophy peaks, and paddle trophy waters.

The range of outdoor adventure to be found in British Columbia attracts explorers from around the world. The farther afield you venture, the more appreciation you’ll develop for its staggering abundance.

Don’t be deceived by the cozy but thin veneer of civilization that has been thrown up around the wilderness. Those who do not respect the neighbouring wilds often face uncompromising consequences. With proper preparation and a confident spirit you […]

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Mountain Biking on Vancouver Island and Gulf Islands

Premier Listings: Mountain Biking on Vancouver Island & BC Islands

Welcome to mountain biking bliss! Nature has been exceedingly kind to British Columbia, resulting in thousands of scenic narrow trails and crazy single tracks through rugged mountainous terrain. One of the more exhilarating fitness sports, mountain biking on Vancouver Island caters to newcomers experiencing their first-time high, as well as hard-core muddy madmen pushing the envelope of extreme competition.

Mountain Biking on Vancouver Island

Campbell River Area
There’s some good biking around Campbell River. Nestled in a nook between Iron River Road and Campbell […]

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Hiking & Backpacking on Vancouver Island and Gulf Islands

Premier Listings: Hiking & Backpacking on Vancouver Island & BC Islands

Hiking on Vancouver Island

Welcome to hiking heaven! Criss-crossing the island, old logging roads and hiking trails provide easy access to alpine areas and inspiring mountain scenery. Less challenging than backpacking, day hikes provide lifetime memories of peaceful walks, bird watching and wildlife viewing. Along the many paths in our protected forests and provincial parks you’ll find the freedom to discover nature for yourself; an abundance of waterfalls, meadows, lakes and beaches – all reachable without guides, ropes or heavy packs.

Just as […]

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