Jay Brabant is the son of Gene Brabant, a renowned carver in the Northwest Coast style. Gene Brabant grew up in Victoria, BC, in the company of the family of Henry Hunt. Henry Hunt’s three sons, Richard, Stan and Tony are all recognized as Northwest Coast Master Carvers. Gene Brabant received this same training and has passed on his skills and knowledge to his son, Brabant.

Brabant began his carving career at a very early age. He traveled with his father across Canada and the United States, studying museum collections of Northwest Coast art. As a result, both of these talented artists work with the old traditional pieces as their guide.


Brabant continues to study the art form, expanding his exploration into the Bella Coola and Tlingit styles. He is known for making vibrant carvings with great attention to detail.

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Portrait Mask
Artist Jay Brabant (Cree)
Red Cedar, Acrylic and Horse Hair
13 1⁄2″ high, 11″ wide and 9″ deep