Ancient Forest / Chun T’oh Whudujut Provincial Park, BC

Ancient Forest / Chun T'oh Whudujut Provincial Park, Prince George, British Columbia. Photo: Ancient Forest Alliance

Last week, the Ancient Forest Alliance team visited the recently-established Ancient Forest/Chun T’oh Whudujut Provincial Park, located east of Prince George, an amazing rainforest of old-growth red cedars. The park was protected through a stellar, broad-based campaign led by a collaborative effort of the local Caledonia Ramblers Hiking Society, scientists at the University of Northern BC, and local environmental activists with the Dome Creek Forest Information […]

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Ancient Cedar Forest now a BC Provincial Park

Ancient Cedar tree in British Columbia, Canada.

An ancient cedar forest, believed to be the only inland temperate rain forest in the world that is so far from the ocean, is to be protected by British Columbia as a new Class A BC provincial park.

The Ancient Forest Park, in the watershed of the upper Fraser River, is located just off Highway 16, 113 kilometres east of Prince George and midway between Prince George and McBride in Northern British Columbia.

The park will protect cedar trees […]

Site C Dam land once recommended as a BC Provincial Park

One of the Peace River Islands, an important calving ground for ungulates in Peace-Boudreau, Northern British Columbia. Photo: Tristan Brand.

Braving freezing temperatures and risking arrest, an alliance of First Nations members and local landowners have camped out on the site of the first European settlement in British Columbia to protect the Peace River from destructive land clearing for the Site C dam.

While the camp has rightfully earned significant media attention, few outside the region are aware that it’s located in an area so high in ecological […]

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The real reason British Columbia is spending $9 billion on Site C Dam

The real reason Clark and Co. are spending $9 billion on Site C Dam in Northern British Columbia: Ben Parfitt, Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives

From a lookout high atop a windswept bluff, the scale of work already underway at the site of a third mega-dam across the Peace River is daunting. Large tracts of boreal forest are logged. Vast amounts of topsoil are stripped away for what could one day be a trailer city housing hundreds of workers. Gravel from the fish-bearing river continues to be excavated […]

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Inside Passage, British Columbia

Inside passage, British Columbia, Canada

The Inside Passage, through the protected waters of BC’s central and northern coastline, stretches from Port Hardy on the northern tip of Vancouver Island to Prince Rupert in Northern British Columbia. More information on the Inside Passage and the Inside Passage Circle Tour. From Prince Rupert, the beautiful Queen Charlotte Islands (Haida Gwaii) beckon to you before venturing east on the Yellowhead Highway to Prince George, and south through the peaceful Cariboo to Vancouver along the historic Cariboo Wagon Road.

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