Need help finding a Vacation Rental Home in British Columbia?

Need Help finding a Vacation Rental Home in British Columbia

Discovering the perfect accommodation getaway for a well-deserved rest in British Columbia can often be tricky if you’re not familiar with this exciting destination, or if you know little about the ferry options, the best BC Parks to explore, or other appealing things to do, see and eat.

Vacation Rental companies provide an invaluable service to prospective visitors and are very likely to pair you with your perfect choice of rental home or condominium, one […]

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Break your Road Trip to BC at Johnston Canyon Alberta

Johnston Canyon, Bow Valley Parkway, Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada

The drive from Alberta to British Columbia promises an abundance of sigh-inducing scenery and majestic mountain views as you pass through the Rocky Mountains and enter the BC Rockies. Highlights en route are the spectacular waterfalls and Ink Pots in Johnston Canyon in Banff National Park, located on the Bow Valley Parkway between Banff and Lake Louise.

The trailhead for the popular trail to the waterfalls is located immediately behind Johnston Canyon Resort. […]

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Misty Isles Adventures around Cortes Island and Desolation Sound

Misty Isles Adventures around Cortes Island and Desolation Sound, British Columbia

The Misty Isles Adventures Movie – Exploring Coastal British Columbia, Canada

Cortes Island lies in the Discovery Islands of British Columbia, at the heart of one of the most ecologically diverse and spectacularly beautiful areas on the whole BC coast. Cortes is surrounded to the east by snow-capped mountains that rise up majestically from the warm waters of Desolation Sound. To the north, splendid waterfalls cascade down into the turquoise waters of Bute Inlet and Toba Inlet, two […]

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Ancient Cedar Forest now a BC Provincial Park

Ancient Cedar tree in British Columbia, Canada.

An ancient cedar forest, believed to be the only inland temperate rain forest in the world that is so far from the ocean, is to be protected by British Columbia as a new Class A BC provincial park.

The Ancient Forest Park, in the watershed of the upper Fraser River, is located just off Highway 16, 113 kilometres east of Prince George and midway between Prince George and McBride in Northern British Columbia.

The park will protect cedar trees […]

Flyboarding Fun in the Okanagan Sun

Flyboarding in the Okanagan Valley, British Columbia

Flyboarding is an exciting new water sport creating waves around the world … all the way to the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia. Powered by water alone, a flyer can soar 15 metres into the air with feet strapped to a flyboard that is itself joined by an umbilical cord to a personal watercraft (Jetski).

Sound like fun? It is, and you should tick this exhilarating challenge off your bucket list! Flyboarding is easy to learn and suitable […]

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Saskatchewan sends their Homeless to British Columbia

Saskatchewan sends their Homeless to British Columbia

The Saskatchewan Ministry of Social Services has a unique way of taking care of their homeless population, including those who may have a history of addiction or mental health. Their quick fix is to pay to bus them to Vancouver and Victoria in British Columbia. Problem solved. For them. Not so for BC, and not so for those who are shipped away to neither home nor job, and no health care until they qualify.

Two young First Nations men […]

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Campground Reservations start March 15 for BC Provincial Parks

Lake Of The Woods near Hope, east of Vancouver in British Columbia, Canada.

Discover an outdoor utopia amongst our pristine alpine lakes, rugged mountainous interior, and misty old-growth forests carpeted with dew-soaked ferns and moss. Pitch a tent, or just hike in for the day – in British Columbia you can see nature as it was meant to be seen, in all its breathtaking glory.

The Discover Camping Internet Reservation Service allows you to book a campsite in a BC provincial park allowing you to travel to […]

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