Experience one of the world’s most scenic and historical motorcycle journeys.

A film not just for motorcyclists but for any and every explorer, adventurer, and traveler.
Follow 16 riders on this evocative journey through 15 countries, covering a quarter of the earth’s surface and discover some of the world’s most remote, historical, yet stunning countries, and celebrate with them as they ride from the bustling, vibrant city of London to one of the most remote towns on earth, Magadan, Siberia, nearly four months after leaving London.

Watch the Road of Bones Motorcycle Expedition Teaser now: https://youtu.be/YfT7pJP7hz4

Event Date: November 5th, 2018 from 7pm to 9:30pm.

Information and tickets available online at: http://beyond-siberia.eventbrite.ca/

Event Location: Dave Dunnet Community Theatre, Oak Bay High School, 2121 Cadboro Bay Road, Victoria, BC V8R 5G4