Subject:Re:Help us decide to emigrate to BC
Author: Lucia
Date: 8/26/2011 10:38
Hi Steve!
BC is a really nice province and I'm sure you're going to enjoy living there'
Here is an article about tuitions:
Hope this will help you,

>> Steve () on 10/6/2009 7:57:58 AM
>> We are left-wing progressives and feel really out of place in the US, so we applied for permanent residence status in Canada. That status was granted to us in 2007 and we were all set to make the move to Victoria or Vancouver before we suddenly changed our minds. We decided to stay in the US and participate in the movement to create a more humanist culture in the US (a long struggle). We figured that the bank bailouts and continued misadventures in Iraq and Afghanistan would lead to strong left turn here.
>> Now we still think that will happen, but very slowly. I’ve learned never to underestimate the capacity of US citizens to misconstrue corporate statehood for a system encouraging individual liberty. Every year the US economy grows less suitable for anyone but the wealthiest tier. The alarming failure of our Democratic party to enact any apparent disruption to this appalling trend has caused my wife and me to re-evaluate our decision and perhaps move to BC after all. We now have only months, instead of years, to pull it off.
>> Ideologically, Canada’s culture would fit us much better. Am I right?
>> Pragmatically, however, we’re very concerned about Canadian jobs, cost of living, safety nets as we age, university costs for our son (now only ten years old).
>> I have spoken to BC job recruiters and they tell me the job market is tough but that the economy is still strong. Are they blowing smoke or are they correct? Are there jobs up there for US immigrants? My wife runs non-profit organizations and does development work. I am a graphic designer. I'd really like to do political work, but that seems unlikely.
>> We have good jobs in the US and have some money saved. If we move to BC but can’t find jobs, we will go through our savings within a year or so.
>> Another question: How much is tuition rising at the Universities? In the US, it’s no secret that we struggle with a corporate driven health care system that values profits over people. Now our entire economy is growing very anti-human! College tuitions have skyrocketed and even our state universities have been allowed to accelerate their costs astronomically. Has Canada succeeded in keeping college affordable for the working class?
>> I would appreciate any considerate response.
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