Misty Isles Adventures around Cortes Island and Desolation Sound, British Columbia

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Cortes Island lies in the Discovery Islands of British Columbia, at the heart of one of the most ecologically diverse and spectacularly beautiful areas on the whole BC coast. Cortes is surrounded to the east by snow-capped mountains that rise up majestically from the warm waters of Desolation Sound. To the north, splendid waterfalls cascade down into the turquoise waters of Bute Inlet and Toba Inlet, two of BC’s mightiest fjords.

To the northwest of Cortes Island, the Discovery Islands form a maze of channels that create tidal rapids that exceed 14 knots, creating a rich marine environment where sea life can flourish, from whales to sea stars, otters to bald eagles. And to the south are the open waters of the Strait of Georgia, now known as the Salish Sea, which is crowned by Mitlenatch Island, the largest seabird nesting colony in the area, and a wildflower paradise. What an amazing place this is to explore, and Misty Isles Adventures has a variety of exciting trips to get you out there!

On guided half-day kayaking trips, watch for seals following our boats as we paddle over rocky reefs and on to ancient First Nations’ pictograph sites. Or paddle with us in the evening into the setting sun and then play in the bioluminescence, a sparkling fairy dust that is caused by plankton that proliferates in these warm waters. Our kayak guides will bring the local history and ecology to life with their stories while providing a safe learning experience to ensure that you are comfortable paddling your own kayak.

The schooner Misty Isles has regularly-scheduled day trips to Desolation Sound and Mitlenatch Island, and multi-day trips that explore the dramatic mainland inlets and powerful tidal rapids. Having our kayaks on board Misty Isles allows us to travel through these diverse and dynamic ecosystems in comfort, affording plenty of time for that quiet intimate connection with the ocean that only a kayak can provide.

Schooner Misty Isles: Misty Isles Adventures around Cortes Island and Desolation Sound, British Columbia

Schooner Misty Isles, out of Cortes Island in the Discovery Islands of British Columbia

One of our favourite destinations to spend the night is Twin Island south of Cortes Island. Known locally as a place suited for royalty, these 700-acre private islands have beautiful gardens and a lodge where Queen Elizabeth has stayed. Forest paths wind through fields and orchards and past the extensive off-grid alternative energy systems that supply power to the lodge. Our memorable adventures cater to a wide variety of interests and activities!

Embark on an adventure of a lifetime in the wilderness of coastal British Columbia!

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