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Keats Island is one of the smaller islands in Howe Sound, nestled offshore from the community of Gibsons on the Sechelt Peninsula of the Sunshine Coast. The pristine Keats Island is easily accessible and a popular natural retreat just a day trip from Vancouver.

Keats Island is named after Sir Richard Goodwin Keats, captain of the HMS Superb under the command of Admiral Horatio Nelson in 1803, and he later became Governor of Newfoundland in 1813.

The communities on Keats Island (3 square miles/8 square kilometres) are clustered around the two government wharves; Keats Landing on the west coast facing Gibsons, and Eastbourne on the southeast shore.

Residential development on Keats Island is mostly summer cabins, with about 80 full-time residents. A high proportion of the residential properties are accessible only from the water. There are a few rough roads connecting locations on the island, but there is very little vehicle use.

Population: 50

Location: Keats Island is located in Howe Sound, opposite Gibsons on the Sechelt Peninsula. Visitors to Keats Island can catch a BC Ferry from Horseshoe Bay north of Vancouver to Langdale Ferry Terminal on the Sunshine Coast, and catch a water taxi for the short trip from Gibsons to Keats Island, or take a water taxi directly from Horseshoe Bay (much Longer).

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Plumper Cove Marine Provincial Park is one of the oldest marine parks on the BC coast, and a very popular anchorage in the summer months. The 57-hectare park is located on the northwest shore of Keats Island. The park has a well maintained hiking trail system, a grassy upland picnic area and forested walk-in campsites.

The unique scenic seaside village of Gibsons acts as the gateway to the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia. Located just minutes south of the Langdale Ferry Terminal, Gibsons harbour is everything it should be, chock full of boats, with an atmosphere as thick as fog on a fall morning.

The Sunshine Coast is split into two portions on either side of Jervis Inlet. Roughly speaking, the southern half between the ferry slips at Langdale and Earls Cove occupies the Sechelt Peninsula, while the northern half between the ferry slip at Saltery Bay and Lund sits on the Malaspina Peninsula. The beautiful coastline is deeply indented at Jervis Inlet, Desolation Sound and Howe Sound. The Sunshine Coast lives up to its name. With an annual total of between 1,400 and 2,400 hours of sunshine – that’s an average of 4 to 6 hours per day, depending on where the measurements are taken – bright days outnumber gloomy ones by a wide margin.

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Sewell’s Marina at Horseshoe Bay is one of the premier moorage locations in Greater Vancouver, offering exciting 2-hour Sea Safari wildlife eco-tours, self-drive boat rentals, guided salmon fishing charters, moorage and Group Sea Quest corporate Scavenger Hunts. Howe Sound is just minutes away, 15 minutes from downtown Vancouver. Come visit our Ocean Playground! Scheduled shuttle-bus service to and from downtown Vancouver.

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