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The town of Lindell Beach is a small lakefront village on the south end of Cultus Lake in the South Fraser Valley east of Vancouver.

Cultus Lake is one of the more popular destination areas in the Lower Mainland, characterized by a large, warm, freshwater lake and scenic forest-clad mountains. Outdoor recreation activities abound, including boating, waterskiing, windsurfing, Fishing, camping, and hiking.

Long before its recreational use by Chilliwack’s European settlers, Cultus Lake served for centuries as a popular spot for spirit quests by the local Sto:lo First Nation. So popular in fact, that by the 18th century, the lake’s spiritual powers had diminished such that the Chinook word Cultus, meaning worthless, was ascribed to it.

Location: Lindell Beach is located in the South Fraser Valley of the Lower BC mainland, 90 minutes east of Vancouver, and close to the USA border and the state of Washington.

Cultus Lake Provincial Park on the east side of Cultus Lake lies nestled in the folds of the Cascade Mountains, about 7 miles (11 km) south of Hwy 1. The northwest portion of the 656-hectare park remains undeveloped with most of the visitor facilities concentrated in the southeast portion of the park. Cultus Lake has the third largest campground in the province after Manning and Golden Ears. There are four separate campgrounds throughout the park – Maple Bay, Delta Grove, Clear Creek and Entrance Bay, plus a large day-use area for picnicking and boating, and ample opportunity for fishing, waterskiing, windsurfing and hiking.

Golf: Aquadel Golf Course in Lindell Beach is a beautifully designed family golf course surrounded by towering mountain peaks and spectacular scenery. At 2,500 yards, par 55, Aquadel Golf Course is a joy to play for every age and level of golfer. Golf Vacations in British Columbia.

Hiking: Trails in the area include the International Ridge Trail, an 18-km (8-hour) hike to the summit of Mount Amadis accessed off Vance Road, and Vedder Mountain Trail, a 5.7-km trail that leads to the peak of Vedder Mountain, and elevation gain of 375 metres.

Cycling: One of the most laid-back rides in the South Fraser Valley takes riders along a section of the Canada-US border near Cultus Lake. Drive (don’t ride) along the Columbia Valley Highway as it heads south past Cultus Lake Provincial Park onto the benchland above Lindell Beach. Leave your vehicle here and begin to ramble by bike through the Columbia Valley. In contrast to the narrow shoulders and highway traffic running the length of Cultus Lake, the roads south of Lindell Beach are much quieter and ideal for cycling.

Columbia Valley Highway divides south of the town’s golf course. Follow either one. Both Frost Road and Columbia Valley meet near the border after looping through the valley. Along the way, several side roads lead off into the far reaches of the valley. Avoid any that are posted ‘No Exit’ and you will have no trouble finding your way.

Both major roads level out soon after cresting on the benchland above Lindell Beach, and run 7.4 miles (12 km) to the Canada-US border. The border is marked by one small obelisk and a narrow 40-foot (12-m) cut visible on the hillside above the valley. Near the border, on the valley’s east side, the waters of Frost Creek run towards Cultus Lake. Canyon Road is a pleasant, albeit narrow, gravel road that leads down to a bridge spanning the creek, then back up to Frost Road. This road is closed to vehicle access, but is perfectly accessible to bicyclists and foot traffic. From the bridge at the creek, one can also hike to a waterfall farther up the creek.

The nearby community of Cultus Lake is one of the primary summertime destinations in southern British Columbia, and has been amongst the most popular tourist areas in the Fraser Valley for more than a century.

Circle Tours: See the best of the area on a driving Circle Tour. Head north out of Vancouver for the scenic Sunshine Coast and Vancouver Island Circle Tour, or stay on the intensely scenic Sea to Sky Highway, passing through the magical winter resort town of Whistler and Coast Mountains Circle Tour. To explore the rural farmlands and forests of the fertile Fraser Valley, take the Fraser Valley Circle Tour, travelling outbound on the scenic route north of the historic Fraser River, returning westwards along the Trans Canada Highway 1 to Vancouver. Circle Tours in British Columbia.

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Lindell Beach Holiday Resort
1920 Columbia Valley Road Lindell Beach BC V2R 0E1 Toll Free: 604-824-6100Visit Website

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Lindell Beach Holiday Resort is a uniquely terraced property in the gorgeous Fraser Valley, just a 90-minute drive from downtown Vancouver. Nestled into the hillside at the quiet south end of Cultus Lake, Lindell Beach Resort is a fun and relaxing country getaway, with breathtaking scenery, close to golf courses, and a short walk to Cultus Lake and Vedder River.

You will enjoy a great and affordable family vacation at Lindell Beach Holiday Resort if you are looking for a vacation home for your family that includes a safe and secure community with many events happening throughout the season. On the resort you can enjoy the swimming pool/hot tub, basketball/tennis courts, playground or just relax by your fire pit on the deck. Great for the whole family!

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