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Photo of Northern Lights Restaurant
Northern Lights Restaurant
1817 Campbell Way Port McNeill BC V0N 2R0 P.O. Box 399 Port McNeill BC V0N 2R0 Phone: 250-956-3263Fax: 250-956-4710Toll Free: 1-800-956-3373Visit Website

Business Information

The Northern Lights Restaurant is known among Islanders as the nicest dining room with the very best food in all of Northern Vancouver Island. Starting from 7 am, 6 days a week with a hearty breakfast, through a delicious lunch to a relaxing dinner after a full day of work or sightseeing, you’ll enjoy the ambiance of this unique dining experience. Our diners enjoy fresh, premium seafood from our local West Coast prepared with care and pride – all at affordable prices. Reservations are advised. Call for takeout orders. Families will appreciate the children’s menu in our adjoining café.

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