Canada’s oldest university botanical garden, UBC Botanical Garden was established in 1916 under the directorship of John Davidson, British Columbia’s first provincial botanist. The original mission of the garden was research into the native flora of British Columbia.

Over the past eighty-seven years, the mission of the University of British Columbia Botanical Garden has broadened to include research, conservation, teaching and public display of temperate plants from around the world, particularly Asian, alpine and native plants.

The UBC Centre for Plant Research is the research arm of the UBC Botanical Garden and Centre for Plant Research. World-class research on topics including plant adaptation, evolution, genomics, plant physiology and biotic interactions, phytochemistry, plant biotechnology and plant breeding contribute to the University of British Columbia’s reputation as one of the leading research institutions in North America.

Visitors to UBC Botanical Garden can expect a learning experience rich with interesting plants and informative signs. UBC Botanical Garden is also a “hidden gem” of a garden; it is not as widely known as other Vancouver attractions, so visitors can expect a quiet visit away from crowds.

When is the best time to visit? Vancouver’s maritime climate allow plants to be of interest throughout the year, with some plants flowering in December and January. However, for the most impressive floral displays, the months of April and May are particularly good, featuring magnolias, rhododendrons and spring ephemerals. The summer heat brings out the best in the Alpine Garden. September and October are best for viewing autumn colours and harvestable fruits and vegetables in the Food Garden.

The main entrance of the UBC Botanical Garden is located at 6804 SW Marine Drive, which is 200 meters northwest of the intersection of 16th Avenue and Southwest Marine Drive in Vancouver, BC. The main entrance is marked by a tall red pillar.

Contact Details:

UBC Botanical Garden
6804 SW Marine Drive
Vancouver, BC
V6T 1Z4

Tel: 604-822-9666