The Cariboo, Chilcotin, Coast region of British Columbia is situated on the Interior Plateau between the Pacific Ocean and BC Coast Mountains in the west and the Cariboo Mountain Range in the east. Highlights include the Central Coast and the largely undiscovered Discovery Coast Passage, the Rainbow Range in massive Tweedsmuir Provincial Park, rugged mountains in Ts’yl-os Park and superb fishing on Chilko Lake, and the world-famous canoe route in the wilderness of Bowron Lake Park. Outdoor adventure activities include hiking, backpacking, camping, horseback trail riding, offroad touring, canoeing and mountain biking, and the rolling hills of the Cariboo and Chilcotin are a winter treat for snowmobiling, snowshoeing, and cross-country skiing.

Blue Springs Picnic Site, Green Lake Provincial Park, 70 Mile House, Cariboo, British Columbia, Canada


Peace prevails in the Cariboo region, with rolling hills, deeply incised rivers, and many lakes providing an impressive landscape. The glow of your adventure in the great Cariboo outdoors will make you drag your feet when the time to head home draws near.


The Bella Coola Valley is of historical significance as a trade corridor between coastal and interior Native groups. The Chilcotin Plateau east of the Bella Coola Valley can rightfully claim to be the true bastion of the range rider in BC, with vast expanses of the Chilcotin being worked by large ranching outfits.


The Central Coast will delight adventurers, with the Discovery Coast ferry service offering a circle tour through some of the province’s most beautiful terrain. Travellers can disembark, explore some territory, then reboard the ferry to another remote destination in the largely undiscovered Discovery Coast Passage.