The beautiful and undeveloped Cariboo Nature Park, north of 100 Mile House in the Cariboo Basin, comprises Woodfrog Lake as well as a short section of the San Jose River. The park provides habitat for waterfowl through protection of the riparian area of Woodfrog Lake.

Ducks Unlimited have placed nest boxes and floating nest islands at Woodfrog Lake, and have installed a small dam at the lake’s outflow to control water levels. Waterfowl in the park include goldeneye, bufflehead and Canada geese. The park attracts mule deer that come to feed on the grasses, and black bear, coyote, fox, muskrat, marten, hare and squirrels are also found in the park.

This area is in the traditional territory of the Shuswap First Nations, which supported their semi-nomadic lifestyle of sustenance hunting, fishing and food gathering. The park is situated in the Interior Douglas-fir zone, a relatively dry climate and features Douglas-fir trees with spruce and pines, and an understorey of soopalallie and kinnikinick. Fields of grass dotted with aspen trees surround the wetlands.

As the 98-hectare park can only be reached by foot, a hiking trip into the great outdoors of Cariboo Nature Provincial park is that much more rewarding. Hikers will enjoy the park’s 15-km hike north of Lac La Hache.

Cariboo Nature Park is located just off Highway 97 approximately 40 km north of 100 Mile House, and 15 km north of downtown Lac La Hache.

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