Located near the town of Likely along the Cariboo River, Cariboo River Provincial Park provides a nice place for one to get away from the city. This linear park protects a large portion of the upper Cariboo River and surrounding wetlands, from Kimball Lake downstream to where the river enters Cariboo Lake. It is critical habitat for wildlife, especially moose and waterfowl.

Wilderness camping is permitted, but no facilities are provided. There are private cabins in the park, which are not for public use. Park water is not drinkable, so visitors need to bring their own supply. There is an information shelter at the Cariboo River crossing on the 3100 Road. Because Cariboo River Provincial Park is an undeveloped wilderness area with no facilities, visitors should be self-contained and properly equipped.

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The waterfalls, old-growth and estuaries at this park can be accessed via canoe or power boat. In winter, visitors can cross-country ski or snowshoe in the park but there are no set trails.

Cariboo River Provincial Park is located about 50km northeast of Williams Lake.

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