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The Kluskoil Lake Provincial Park, northwest of Quesnel, is a 15,548-hectare wilderness park that provides splendid opportunities for outdoor adventure in the Interior Plateau of British Columbia.

The park encompasses two small untouched watersheds and supports numerous wetlands in a rolling landscape, containing important habitat for moose, fisher, lynx, and aquatic furbearers. The Blackwater River, its tributaries and Kluskoil Lake support a high diversity of fish species.

Kluskoil Lake Provincial Park provides a variety of recreational opportunities. The wilderness nature of the park suggests that visitors not experienced in backcountry exploring should use the services of a trail guide. Campsites at the park are on a first-come, first-served basis – reservations are not accepted. For those that enjoy hiking or biking, this region is littered with trails, both historical and modern.

In order to reach Kluskoil Lake, one must travel on the Alexander Mackenzie Heritage Trail, a trail that is gaining international recognition among hikers who wish to take a three-week trip along this historic route. For more information on the heritage trail – Sir Alexander Mackenzie Provincial Park.

A very rough road runs through the park and sections of it travel over the Alexander Mackenzie Heritage Trail. This trail is protected as a historic site under the Heritage Conservation Act and is managed by the Forest Service outside the park. Motor vehicle access is permitted up to the park’s western boundary. Please stay on the road if travelling in a vehicle or ATV.

The Alexander Mackenzie Heritage Trail travels through Kluskoil Lake Park from Quesnel to the Bella Coola Valley along the Blackwater River and over the Rainbow Range in Tweedsmuir Park. The park may not be accessible in the spring and early summer due to high water levels at the upper crossing of the Euchiniko River, and at various creeks along the trail.

Canoeing on Kluskoil Lake will provide access to wetlands and wildlife viewing, which include moose, fisher, lynx and aquatic furbearers. Kluskoil Lake supports a high diversity of fish, and rainbow and bull trout are commonly caught within the waters.

There’s great summer swimming, and walking trails lead to Chine Falls. If canoeing at Kluskoil Lake, watch for Chine Falls flowing out of the lake, near the campground. One of the best ways to experience this park is from one of the wilderness campsites. Basic facilities are provided.

Kluskoil Lake Provincial Park is located 63 miles (100 km) northwest of Quesnel. From the south end of Titetown Lake, take the Alexander Mackenzie Heritage Trail for 11 miles (18 km). The lake can also be accessed by floatplane charters out of Prince George, Nimpo Lake and Williams Lake.

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