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The remote Nunsti Provincial Park is located on the Chilcotin Plateau, near the north end of Chilko Lake, south of the junction of the Taseko and Chilko Rivers. It is centred on Nunsti Creek and extends eastwards from the creek’s headwaters near Britanny Lake to the canyon of the Taseko River.

The 20,898-hectare park is in the traditional territory of the Ts’ilhqot’in (Chilcotin) First Nation, and was established to protect valuable moose habitat, encompassing abundant wetlands and small lake habitats. Due to the difficult access to the area, the park has remained a wilderness. The park’s ecosystems are sub-boreal pine and spruce in the lower elevations, with some Engelmann spruce/subalpine fir.

Moose enjoy the parks low-elevation wetlands during the winter, where the snow pack is lower. Other animals to be found in the park include black and grizzly bear, wolf, cougar, mule deer, and small furbearers such as martin, beaver, muskrat and hare. Waterfowl populate the creeks and wetlands during the summer.

Nunsti offers a good canoe route and great wildlife viewing. Wilderness, backcountry or walk-in camping is permitted on the lakeshore, but no facilities are provided.

Nunsti Provincial Park is located southwest of Alexis Creek and southeast of Kleena Kleene, both of which are located on the Bella Coola Highway 20. There is no easy access to this park, whether on foot, by boat or on horseback. Floatplanes can provide access to the many lakes in the park.

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