Crowsnest Provincial Park is close to Crowsnest Pass (elevation 4,452 feet/1367 metres), where the climate is somewhat dramatic because of a narrow flow of air through the pass from Alberta. The imposing Erickson and Loop Ridges of the Rockies stand nearby.

Those who like to picnic should stop at Crowsnest Provincial Park. The scenery is spectacular; you’ll be so busy admiring the landscape that you’ll forget to eat. Native people camped in this area for centuries, followed by explorers, fur traders and railroad builders in more recent times. The area is an important winter range for elk and deer.

The park has a day-use/picnicking area and provides picnic tables, toilets and drinking water. The park is wheelchair accessible.

Crowsnest Provincial Park is located 32 miles (51 km) east of Fernie on Highway 3, close to Crowsnest Pass. Even if you’re not planning an excursion to one of the parks, but just want one last great look at the Rockies before heading into Alberta, stop at the Olsen Rest Stop along Crowsnest Highway 3, just 10 miles (16 km) east of Fernie. Here, you can gaze to your heart’s content.

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