Andy Bailey Regional Park is beautifully situated amongst the rolling hills of the Fort Nelson Lowlands. This is a popular playground for locals all year round, so join in the fun. In summer, take a dip in the lake, in winter, break out the cross-country skis or taboggan. Andy Bailey Regional Park has some of the driest, fluffiest powder snow in the province, and there’s hardly anyone to share it with. Cut your own track here.

Andy Bailey was formerly known as Jackfish Lake, whether or not you can catch a fish here, well, that depends on your skill and if the fish are biting when you cast a line. In the far north, lakes may be either too shallow or too deep, and fish stocks don’t do well. Shallow water freezes solid in winter, while deeper lakes never really warm up in summer, stunting fish growth. With that said, there are fish beyond count in these waters, both wild and introduced.

Andy Bailey Regional Park is intended for day-use only. There are five campsites on a self-sufficient basis; no firewood, no fee, no daily supervision. The park provides picnic tables, pit toilets, drinking water and a boat launch.
Andy Bailey Regional Park is located 28km southeast of Fort Nelson in Northeast British Columbia.
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This park is a Regional Park, Municipal Park, or proposed park, and does not fall under the jurisdiction of Parks Canada (National Parks) or the BC Ministry of Environment (BC Parks).