Dunlevy Recreation Area is located on the north shore of Williston Lake, British Columbia’s largest body of water in the province and the 9th largest hydroelectric reservoir in the world: it took five years to fill.

Whether or not you can catch a fish here, well, that depends on your skill and if the fish are biting when you cast a line. Talk to local outfitters for information on where to catch what in this gigantic lake. From Williston Lake, a rat’s next of Forest Service roads bring the angler into a fisherman’s paradise far too expansive, and too difficult to describe without a good map.

It is recommended that you not put a canoe in Williston Lake, the lake is made made, and the area wasn’t logged before it was flooded. Jams, floaters, and ice-sharpened snags can make this a dangerous lake to canoe, though that doesn’t stop many people. Consider this fair warning. If you are planning on canoeing Williston, there’s a put-in at Finlay Bay Forest Recreation Site at the end of Hwy 39. Instead, try canoeing down what used to be the Peace River Valley. Now that it’s been flooded, it’s called the Peace Reach. Don’t expect to do the reach in a day, though. It stretches 60 km east to the W.A.C. Bennett Dam.

It is almost impossible not to observe wildlife as you travel through the Northeast, the so-called ‘Serengeti of North America.’ At Dunlevy the areas spectacular wildlife fauna consists of elk, Ston’e sheep, and caribou, also Brewer’s blackbirds, dark-eyed juncos, yellow-rumped warblers, black-capped chickadees, raptors, bald eagles, and hawks.

Dunlevy Recreational Area is located at the east end of Williston Lake, 25km west of Hudson’s Hope off Highway 29 in Northern British Columbia .

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This park is a Regional Park, Municipal Park, or proposed park, and does not fall under the jurisdiction of Parks Canada (National Parks) or the BC Ministry of Environment (BC Parks).