South of the Stikine Plateau and Iskut River Valley between the Skeena and Coast Mountains lies the beautiful campground of Kinaskan Lake Provincial Park. Nature, it seems, conspires to keep this region a secret, but for those who are prepared, the Stewart-Cassiar Highway supplies unimaginably rich rewards. Getting off the beaten path, even as meagre a one as Highway 37, is a must for explorers; many areas can be reached only by foot, horseback, helicopter, or floatplane. Those seeking solitude can go for days or weeks in some areas without sharing this rugged beauty with anyone else.

Kinaskan Lake Provincial Park provides 50 vehicle/tent campsites. The campsites in this park are enough to make you drool; killer views west across the wide lake to Mount Edziza Provincial Park. Facilities provided include pit toilets, water and boat launch. The park is open all year depending on snowfall. Fees are collected from May to September and during the offseason campers must be self-sufficient.

Several trails are located near Kinaskan Lake. Mowdade Lake Trail leads 24 km from the trailhead at Kinaskan Lake Provincial Park to Mount Edziza Provincial Park, but you’ll need a boat to get across the Iskut River at the trailhead. A trail also runs from Mowdade Lake west to Coffee Crater, and then north, where it hooks up with the Buckley Lake Trail, though trail is perhaps too strong a word. Route would be more accurate, as these are unmarked, uncleared, undeveloped…well, routes. From Mowdade Lake to Buckley Lake is approximately 60 km. Expect to take six to seven days to backpack in. Only experienced backcountry travellers should attempt these routes without an experiened guide.

Anyone fishing or angling in British Columbia must have an appropriate licence. Rainbow trout are abundant in Kinaskan and Natadesleen Lakes, averaging .5 kg in weight and 30 cm in length. Fish from shore or boat, fly fish, cast, or troll with just about any lure, the hard-fighting rainbow are waiting.

The area supports a large population of mountain goats, as well as Stone sheep, moose, Osbourn caribou, grizzly and black bears, and wolves.

Kinaskan Lake Provincial Park is located on Kinaskan Lake on the Stewart-Cassiar Hwy 37, approximately 100 miles (160 km) north of Stewart, and 28 miles (45 km) south of Iskut.

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