In 2011 British Columbia designated 503 hectares of river and riparian habitat along the Stellako River near Fraser Lake as a wildlife management area. The Stellako River is about 150 kms west of Prince George and feeds into Fraser Lake, one of the main tributaries to the Nechako River and Fraser River.

The Stellako River is one of the top rainbow trout river fisheries in BC, and is also used by chinook and sockeye salmon. The trout have a special relationship with the salmon runs that also take place along the Stellako River. The river mouth at Fraser Lake is also important to red-listed Nechako white sturgeon.

The Stellako River Wildlife Management Area includes two properties owned by The Nature Trust of British Columbia, which are leased to the province for the long term. The designation of the Stellako River corridor as a wildlife management area reflects its value as wildlife habitat, and as a destination for sport fishing and other recreational opportunities.

Designation as a wildlife management area under the Wildlife Act prioritizes conservation and management of wildlife, fish and their habitats. Other permitted land uses can be identified in an area management plan developed in consultation with conservation groups and other stakeholders. The designation also allows the ministry to make regulations to better manage the wildlife area.

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