Bedard Aspen Provincial Park southwest of Cache Creek and Ashcroft protects an environmentally sensitive area with high biological diversity.

The 173-hectare park encompasses Bedard Lake, a small lake rich with insects and crustaceans. The combination of the small lake and deciduous forest and distinctive landforms gives this site high biological diversity. The slopes and flats below are dominated by aspen and willow with some old-growth fir and spruce. Many willows are over 25 centimetres in diameter, which is unusual.

Moose and many bird species such as tree swallow, common loon and ruffed grouse reside in the area. Recreational activities are limited to bird watching, hunting, hiking and canoeing.

Wilderness camping is permitted in the park by trail access, but no camping or day-use facilities are provided. Park water is not drinkable, so visitors should bring their own supply.

Bedard Aspen Provincial Park is located on Bedard Lake, 40 km west of Cache Creek, British Columbia. Travel north from Cache Creek on Highway 97, turn west onto Highway 99 and then south along Hat Creek Road. Turn left on Road 463 and follow the logging roads. Visitors should have access to a BC backroads map as there are numerous logging roads in the area. There is no road access to Bedard Lake.

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