Chu Chua Cottonwood Provincial Park is a large, undisturbed floodplain in the North Thompson River, encompassing 100 hectares of undisturbed natural habitat. Surrounding vegetation consists mainly of deciduous trees, such as cottonwood, red osier, dogwood and hazelnut trees. Black twinberry and carex cover the damp woodland floor.

The park also protects important habitat for a variety of cavity-nesting bats, which take refuge in the cottonwood trees. Vaux swifts and red-naped sapsuckers also reside in the park. The waters of Chu Chua Creek provide habitat for rearing juvenile salmon and trout.

Chu Chua Cottonwood Provincial Park is mainly a conservation area, so recreation activities are quite limited. However, there are many opportunities for bird watching and nature appreciation. Canoeing and kayaking are permitted on the North Thompson River, but no maintained launching area is provided. Camping is not permitted and no facilities are provided in the park.

Chu Chua Cottonwood Provincial Park is located 80 km north of Kamloops and 20 km north of Barriere, adjacent to Yellowhead Highway 5 on the North Thompson River. Access directly to the park is by boat only, with the nearest road access being via Dunn Lake Road, travelling north from Barriere.

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