Coldwater River Provincial Park, south of Merritt and just north of the summit on the Coquihalla Highway, provides opportunities for steelhead fishing and outdoor adventure.

The area around Coldwater River Provincial Park is part of the Coldwater First Nation’s territory, and is part of their traditional fishing area.

Nearby are the Coquihalla Lakes, where both the Coquihalla River and Coldwater River have their sources. The Coldwater River, which runs north alongside the Coquihalla Highway, is shallow and gravel bottomed, providing good steelhead spawning habitat.

There are no developed hiking trails at the 76-hectare Coldwater River Park. There is a small Forest Service campsite at Zum Peak beside the river. Follow Zum Peak Forest Road for 5 miles (8 km) west from the park to reach the Zum Peak campsite.

Coldwater River Provincial Park is located 31 miles (50 km) south of Merritt on Coquihalla Highway 5, with north and south access ramps.

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