Enderby Cliffs Provincial Park near Enderby in the North Okanagan features the Enderby Cliffs that tower 1,200 metres above the valley floor, offering breathtaking views of the Shuswap, the North Okanagan, and the Okanagan Valley.

Hikers atop the cliffs can watch the soaring birds play on the updrafts created by the steep rock face, and take a step back in time to the tertiary age when the cliffs were formed. They were not initially cliffs, but a field of lava from volcanic activity some 50 million years ago that caused a large lava flow to cover much of the area from south of Kamloops to north of Enderby. In some cases, as with the cliffs, the blanket of lava was 1,000 metres thick. The great Okanagan Glacier later caused the gouging of the cliffs, the mountains and the valleys.

The park provides a key winter range for mule deer and habitat for moose, cougar, bobcat, lynx, marten and grizzly bears. A variety of bats and birds inhabit the cliffs, including white-throated swifts, golden eagles, grouse, and many song birds.

The 2,277-hectare Enderby Cliffs Park features small stands of old-growth Douglas-fir trees, volcanic rock, and fossil sites. Outdoor recreation includes hiking and trout fishing at the small Reeves Lake, The terrain around the popular Reeves Lake is quite wet and marshy, although there are a few good dry spots for fishing.

Enderby Cliffs Provincial Park is located 5 km northeast of Enderby in the North Okanagan region of BC, south of the Shuswap. To access the park, turn east onto Mable Lake Road at the only set of lights in Enderby. Continue for 2km down Mable Lake Road and turn left (north) onto Brash Allen Road. Fork to the right after 1.4km and continue down the unpaved road for 1.6 km until you reach the parking lot in the field on the southwest side of the road intersection. The trail starts at the road intersection and heads east up the gravel path to the base of the cliffs. The trail is moderate, with a tough climb in the middle section: 5 km (3 hours).

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