Harry Lake Aspen Provincial Park is an area of open grasslands and aspen forests nestled in the Pavilion Mountain Range west of Cache Creek. This 330-hectare park includes Harry Lake and associated wetlands, which provide a diverse habitat for a variety of wildlife. Surrounding forests are mainly aspen interspersed with Douglas-fir.

The park also has several interesting geological features, such as the Miocene basalt plateau to the north, sandstone/conglomerate formations at Spences Creek to the east and west, and ancient Cache Creek limestone at the centre of the park.

There are no camping or day-use/facilities provided at Harry Lake Aspen Provincial Park.

Harry Lake Aspen Provincial Park is located 25 miles (40 km) west of Cache Creek. Travel north from Cache Creek on Highway 97 and then turn west onto Highway 99. Continue until you reach Hat Creek Road, which will lead to some logging roads that follow Medicine Creek and lead to the park.

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