Attention Visitors – Important Notice

Due to the extensive impacts caused by the Momich Fire in 2009, all parts of the park are closed until further notice, for visitor safety, with the exception of Momich River Campground on Adams Lake, which is open for use. The campground is a user-maintained campground and there is currently no fee charged. The camping is mostly high density type.

The Momich Lake East Campground and access is closed indefinitely. Hazardous trees throughout this area and slope instability directly above the campground are major safety concerns; access to this area is prohibited. Thank you for your cooperation.

For traveler safety, the Momich-Stukemapten Forest Service Road has been gated to restrict vehicle access through the fire-damaged area at certain time intervals during the year. Please contact the Headwaters Forest District in Clearwater, B.C. at 250 587-6700 for further information regarding road access.

Momich Lakes Provincial Park is mostly undeveloped wilderness situated at the northern tip of Adams Lake, northeast of Kamloops. This 1,848-hectare park encompasses frontage on Adams Lake, three small lakes, associated wetlands, the Momich River and its flood plain.

The park protects the most northerly occurrence of western larch in British Columbia, as well as important winter ranges for moose and mule deer. Sockeye salmon and native stocks of trout and other fish species are present in the Momich River. Wildlife in the park include beaver, muskrat, osprey, moose, mule deer and black bear.

Past Native presence in the area is evidenced by the many culturally modified trees and remains of pit houses. An abandoned logging camp is situated behind the beach on Momich Lake.

Fishing is popular at this park, with several of its lakes containing stocks of kokanee, rainbow trout and lake trout. There is a boat-launching area on Adams Lake for small watercraft. Swimming, boating, canoeing and kayaking are also popular, but paddlers should be aware that Adams is a large lake, and subject to strong gusts of wind without warning. There is a small waterway through the large wetland connecting Momich and Little Momich Lakes. There are no developed hiking trails at this time.

There are three campgrounds within this park on Adams Lake, Main Momich Lake and on Momich Lake East. All campsites are very rustic in a user-maintained wilderness setting, suited to self-contained RV campers, and only pit toilets are provided. Reservations are not accepted, and all campsites are on a first-come, first-served basis. There is no fresh drinking water provided. Visitors should note that the nearest public telephone is located at the Vavenby Store, 38 miles (60 km) away.

Momich Lakes Provincial Park is located at the northern tip of Adams Lake, east of Barriere and approximately 70 miles (110 km) northeast of Kamloops. The park can be accessed three ways, all on gravel logging roads: from Hwy 5 south of Barriere, via Squam Bay Road and along the west side and northern end of Adams Lake (50 miles/80 km); from Trans-Canada Highway 1 at Squilax to Adams Lake roads (60 miles/95 km); from Hwy 5 at Vavenby, via logging roads (38 miles/60 km).

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