North Thompson Oxbows Manteau Park encompasses 808 hectares of floodplains in the North Thompson River lowlands – 293 hectares between Lempriere and Canvas Creeks, and 515 hectares between Canvas and Manteau Creeks.

The park is a wide, meandering river system containing floodplains, wetlands, numerous oxbow lakes, sandbars, back channels and levees, along the glacier-fed North Thompson River.

Creeks on steep forested slopes to the north and south sides feed the park’s floodplains during spring runoff, which provides important habitat for moose, grizzly bears, wolves and beavers. The many waterways provide habitat for Rocky Mountain whitefish, rainbow trout and bull trout, and the North Thompson River is an important spawning ground for Chinook and Coho salmon.

There are no camping or day-use facilities provided at the park.

North Thompson Oxbows Manteau Park is located on the North Thompson River, southwest of Valemount and 28 miles (45 km) north of Blue River. Access is via logging roads 4 miles (6 km) and 7.5 miles (12 km) west of where Highway 5 crosses the North Thompson River.

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