Upper Seymour River Provincial Park incorporates the pristine wilderness of the headwaters of the Seymour River, which forms the major drainage system into the Seymour Arm of Shuswap Lake.

The 10,672-hectare park is situated in a wide mountain valley within the northern Columbia Mountains, with steep mountain slopes enclosing old-growth forests and extensive river and wetland environments.

With much of the forested stands being old growth, the wetlands, slide-paths and forests are important habitats for grizzly bear and mountain caribou. British Columbia has most of the world’s population of mountain caribou. They are blue listed in BC, and depend heavily on old-growth forest in the park to provide lichen for their winter diet. Mule deer and moose also inhabit the park, and a small number of swans can be seen in ponds along the Seymour River during the summer.

Fishing is possible for rainbow trout, bull trout and whitefish, and the high glaciers and alpine tundra at the north end of the park are used for helicopter-based activities such as skiing, touring, mountaineering, fishing and hiking.

Upper Seymour River Provincial Park is located in the northern Columbia Mountains, north of the Shuswap region of BC. The park is accessed by 25 miles (40 km) of gravel roads from the community of Seymour Arm, which itself is a 40-kilometre drive on gravel surface from the end of the paved road on the north shore of Shuswap Lake. Seymour Arm can also be accessed during the summer by a small car ferry.
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