When measured by the amount of fun that trail riding provides, diminutive Aldergrove Lake Regional Park outperforms its size. Located on the dividing line between Langley and Abbotsford, a network of easygoing trails, about 7 miles (12 km) in total length, lead through the wooded park and lend themselves to exploration by bicycle. Mount Baker’s snow cone towers above the valley and is best appreciated when seen from a viewpoint along the Rock N’ Horse Trail.

Paved shoulders on the Langley backroads around Aldergrove Lake Regional Park provide the extended length that you wish you could find everywhere for cycling and in-line skating. They are wide and smooth and, best of all, there is only a hint of traffic along most of the route. As you ride or skate along, you can relax and let your eyes drink in the views of the surrounding farm fields with Mount Baker towering over them.

Park at the entrance to Aldergrove Lake Regional Park at Eighth Avenue and 272nd Street and begin from here. The paved shoulders nearby on 272nd Street have been installed by the district of Langley for cyclists and in-line skaters. Signs posted by the district of Langley point out the route to follow. A note of caution: Although you can in-line skate in the park, a steep hill dropping down to the lake will prove too challenging for novice skaters.

To reach Aldergrove Lake Regional Park, take the 264th Street exit south from Hwy 1 (Trans-Canada Hwy) to Eighth Avenue (Huntington Road), and then turn east to reach the main park entrance at the intersection of Eighth Avenue and 272nd Street. (There are equestrian and pedestrian entrances on the west and east sides of the park, 272nd Street and Lefeuvre Road, respectively.) Another approach is to drive east from Hwy 99 on 16th Avenue, enjoying the countryside along South Surrey’s historic North Bluff Road as it heads to the park.

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