Coquihalla River Provincial Park comprises of two narrow strips of land along the Coquihalla River. The ground bars and channels of the Coquihalla River provide opportunities for spawning of Steelhead and other fish species endemic to the Coquihalla River.

The park is convenient as a stop-off along the Coquihalla Highway for resting, fishing and picnicking aside the pretty Coquihalla River. The park provides lovely fall colours due to the large number of Vine Maples and also reveals remnants of the old Kettle Valley Railway located 60 metres above the river on the west slope.

There are no day-use facilities in the 103-hectare park due to the past flooding of the Coquihalla River.

Coquihalla River Provincial Park is located approximately 16 miles (25 km) north of Hope on the Coquihalla Highway 5.

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