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Sheltered Halkett Bay Marine Provincial Park is located on Halkett Point on the southeast side of Gambier Island in Howe Sound. Although this is the closest marine park to the BC lower mainland, it is not that busy, as it is surrounded by more popular cruising destinations.

The 309-hectare (290 hectares upland and 19 hectares foreshore) Halkett Bay Park is largely undeveloped, and although it is open to winds from the south, Halkett Bay offers a sheltered anchorage during summer winds.

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Facilities include wilderness walk-in camping, one mooring buoy, a dinghy float, pit toilets and information facilities. A hiking trail leads from the shoreline through forested uplands and up Mt. Artaban, which lies just west of the park. The trail is fairly easy going, but the last third of the trail gets to be a little rough. Brigade Bay on Gambier Island’s eastern shore can also be reached by following a basic trail from Halkett Bay.

Park users should note that a portion of Halkett Point’s eastern side is private property and should be respected as such.

Halkett Bay Marine Provincial Park is located on Gambier Island in Howe Sound, north of Vancouver, British Columbia. There is no access by road to the park. Boaters can set off for Gambier Island from Horseshoe Bay on Vancouver’s North Shore.

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