Located on the east side of tranquil Hotham Sound, off Jervis Inlet, Harmony Islands Marine Provincial Park includes the southern most of four Harmony Islands, the smaller northernmost island, and most of the inside foreshore.

A mile south of the Harmony Islands, boaters can view the impressive Freil Lake Falls, a 1,400-foot cascade down an almost sheer rock cliff-face into Hotham Sound below. Care should be taken when exploring the base of the falls as the inclines are steep and the rocks are slippery.

This chain of small islands on the Sunshine Coast offers cruising boats a safe anchorage in stormy winter weather, and is a pleasant and bear-free picnic spot for passing kayakers. The warm water offers excellent swimming, snorkelling, kayaking and fishing.

Visitors to the Harmony Islands should note that two of the islands are private property, and therefore outside of the park, and should be treated respectfully.

No facilities are provided at the park.

Harmony Islands Marine Provincial Park is located in Hotham Sound off Jervis Inlet on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia. Being a marine park, there is no road access. Boaters can access the Harmony Islands from Egmont on the Sechelt Peninsula.

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