The park, 1,695 hectares of undeveloped wilderness, is tucked in between Harrison Lake and the Fraser Canyon. The park’s main attraction is the Nahatlatch Lake and River system. Nahatlatch River flows from a series of three small lakes and empties into the Fraser River some 20km later. Idling around the waters of the three lakes in the Nahatlatch system is serene, with the sound of loons, the still surfaces of the water, and the view of Mount Maston in the distance. It is possible to paddle between the three lakes in the course of a morning or afternoon excursion.

The powerful Nahatlach River features a spectacular series of rapids, ideal for river rafting and kayaking. Those seeking a more tranquil experience will enjoy canoeing around and between the placid lakes, swimming in the backwater pools, and fishing along the lakeshores. Other activities for summer recreationists include backcountry hiking, and bird and wildlife viewing, and camping in a rustic setting.

The Nahatlatch, Fraser and Thompson Rivers are all justifiably well known for their river-rafting experiences. Of the three, the Fraser and Thompson are more prominent, though not necessarily more challenging than the Nahatlatch, In fact, the Nahatlatch provides more excitement in its varied run than either of the others. Both the Thompson and the Nahatlatch flow into the Fraser within a short distance of each other. The season begins in May, once water levels become manageable. The later in summer you try the Nahatlatch, the better your chances of being able to run the Narrow Nahatlatch Canyon, a Class IV-V mind-altering experience. Although it’s entirely possible to run the Nahatlatch and its tremendous series of rapids unaccompanied, the majority of paddlers opt for the services of a certified guide, at least the first time.

There are six small forestry campsites located along the shores of Frances, Hannah and Nahatlatch Lakes. Most sites are suited to only one or two vehicles, or just keep driving until you reach an empty spot. Only pit toilets are provided, so be sure to bring plenty of water.

Nahatlatch Provincial Park is located on the west side of the Fraser River across from Boston Bar, accessed via the Nahatlatch Forest Service Road. The access road is an active logging road and is narrow, hilly, rough and dusty in some parts. Drive carefully.

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