The boundless wilderness of Northern British Columbia is larger than the state of California, so distances up here are immense. Nestled up under the Alaska Panhandle, the North West is filled with both unique wilderness experiences and the standard BC fare of deep fjords, dramatic canyons, sheer mountains, rivers thick with salmon, old-growth forests, and an abundance of wildlife. The Rocky Mountains and their foothills dominate the North East, as a major portion of the Rockies cuts a vast swath across the northern half of BC. Outdoor adventures are of the bushwhacking, self-guided variety, with few marked hiking trails. Thousands of miles of logging roads, plus cut lines and trap lines, provide access deep into the wilderness backcountry for mountain bikers and offroad ATVs. The Stikine and Skeena Rivers are legendary for whitewater rafting and kayaking. Winters in the great white north are long and deep, and ski and snowmobile trails are plentiful.

Camping in British Columbia, Canada

Haida Gwaii