As you turn into Porteau Cove Provincial Park, located near the midpoint of Howe Sound north of Horseshoe Bay on Hwy 99, you pass information signs, directed at divers, that detail the location of several marine vessels scuttled offshore specifically for underwater exploration.

The first of these boats was sunk in 1981, when the park was opened. Marine life is attracted to such wrecks, making a dive even more exciting. Small floats positioned offshore help divers orient themselves. Affix a flag to one of these to warn boaters to stay well away. This is not a challenging dive, but it is an interesting introduction to Howe Sound nonetheless.

As this is the only provincial campground on the Sound, campsites are in constant demand from late May to early October. As soon as you enter the campground, bear right to see if any of the oceanfront sites are vacant.

For information on diving trips at Porteau Cove, consult 101 Dives from the Mainland of Washington and British Columbia by Betty Pratt-Johnson.

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