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Hotel Zed Expands into Kelowna, British Columbia

Hotel Zed Expands into Kelowna, British Columbia

The phenomenally successful Hotel Zed brand will be adding its cool factor to downtown Kelowna next summer, announces Accent Inns/Hotel Zed CEO Mandy Farmer.

Since the first Hotel Zed launched two years ago on a busy street across from a Victoria suburban shopping mall, the new hospitality brand has exceeded all of Farmer and Tourism Victoria’s expectations. Hotel Zed is a completely unordinary, interactive, lively, and unique space that brings guests together to share the fun. A full transformation of a […]

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Winter Paddling Getaway: Kayak the Bahamas

Winter Paddling Getaway: Kayak the Bahamas with Spirit of the West Adventures, British Columbia

Sun, Sand and Fun!

Treat yourself with an escape from winter to the land of sunshine, crystal-clear waters, and deserted white-sand beaches. These relaxing getaways from the cold clutch of winter are just a short flight away from the east coast of the US.

Spirit of the West Adventures is excited to offer their fifth season of kayaking tours in the beautiful Bahamas! These expedition-style trips have been designed to provide the perfect balance between kayaking […]

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Brown Boobies, Warm Blobs and El Nino

Brown Boobies, Warm Blobs and El Nino in British Columbia, Canada

Trees started dropping their leaves in Southern BC during August, instead of October and deep into the fall season, a sure sign that our climate patterns are unstable and changing fast … perhaps faster than the most dire of predictions.

Halloween is in serious jeopardy this year, as the quintessential orange pumpkins are ripening too soon. Drive around Vancouver Island, and farmlands are already a blaze of bright-orange fields. Best you stick them in the freezer for […]

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Grizzly Bear Baiter in British Columbia

Grizzly bear smooching in British Columbia, Canada

The sorry saga of the selfish and illegal killing of Cecil the Lion in Zimbabwe is hogging the world’s attention on social media at the moment, as absolutely every aspect of this sad story is offensive, particularly the luring of Cecil out of the relative protection of a national park with the express intention of slaughtering him for a trophy.

One can only hope that the purpose of Cecil the Lion in this world was to teach society about respect for […]

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Kayak the realm of the whales in British Columbia

Happy Paddlers, Spirit of the West Adventures kayaking expeditions to Johnstone Strait and Broughton Archipelago, British Columbia, Canada

Johnstone Strait & Broughton Archipelago Expedition, British Columbia

This expedition is a professionally-guided 6-day kayaking journey exploring the beautiful Broughton Archipelago and Johnstone Strait area of British Columbia. This is a one-way tour, which means no back tracking, and experiencing something new every day. This region is famous for its abundant wildlife, including orca, humpback and minke whales, dolphins, porpoises, seals and sea lions, diverse intertidal life, spectacular scenery […]

Spring in the Great Bear Rainforest

Grizzly Bear mother and cubs, Great Bear Rainforest, British Columbia, Cnada.

The Raincoast bear research crew gets ready for another field season.

Spring is a special time for the research crews at Raincoast. Across the lands and waters of the Great Bear Rainforest, bears are emerging from dens, returning to familiar landscapes with eyes squinting against the bright light of a new season. Soon, Raincoasters too will return to these landscapes, many with eyes squinting after a winter in labs and staring at computer screens. In the meantime, we’re […]

Saturna Island’s own Double-Decker Bustaurant

Wild Thyme Coffee House, Saturna Islands, Gulf Islands, British Columbia

Aleah Johnson is the owner of the Wild Thyme Coffee House on Saturna Island, and she seeks community support to ensure that her popular and innovative business venture can live on and expand into the future. Aleah operates her coffee house inside a vintage double-decker bus on Saturna Island, proudly serving this enthusiastic Gulf Island community.

The Bus is a 1963 Leyland Lowlander, the last in a group of ten built for southern transport […]

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