Rowing an SUP for Fitness and Fun

Oar Board Rower, inflatable SUP, Fitness Row 12, Whitehall Rowing and Sail

A few years ago boat designer Harold Aune, co-founder of Whitehall Rowing and Sail, and builder of the worlds best all water rowing boats since 1987, noticed the incredible number of standup paddle boards people were using to get out on the water and have fun paddling around. He wondered if there was a way to somehow convert these relatively stable boards into a sculling rowboat. After […]

The Oar Board®: great all-water workout! Take it on your next travel adventure.

The Adventure Row and Fitness Row SUPs are perfect for paddling or sculling. They are specially fitted with deck rings that make the installation of the Oar Board® Rower even easier than on a standard SUP. Getting fit and having fun out on the water has never been more affordable or as simple to do. Exploring and camping, anywhere on the planet where there’s a bit of rowable water has never been easier.

The Oar Board® Rower, produced by Whitehall Rowing […]

Enjoying Craft Beer on Vancouver’s North Shore


Discover the craft beer revolution and join Susie Lee as she visits several micro breweries on Vancouver’s North Shore. This video is produced by West Coast Adventures TV for Vancouver’s North Shore Tourism Association. Produced and Directed by Danny Sayson and hosted by Susie Lee. West Coast Adventures is a television and web series about fun, travel and adventure in the beautiful outdoors of British Columbia and beyond. Browse our site to enjoy videos and articles featuring the very best destinations and adventures throughout BC and […]

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