The Fun is Out There
What’s new in the night sky? What are Near Earth Objects? How do rockets fly? What’s Canada’s role in the International Space Station? Ask the experts and find the answers to these and other universal questions in the shows, exhibits and programs at the H.R. MacMillan Space Centre in Vancouver. There’s always something new to explore!

The Zeiss projector creates a 360-degree view of the heavens as seen from Vancouver. Visitors view the night sky under a dome, but also are entertained with multimedia presentations including a variety of original shows created by the H.R. MacMillan Space Centre.

GroundStation Canada
This 90-seat multimedia theatre combines live action and demonstrations. Shows provide regular updates of space news and space technology with special highlights of Canada’s role in space. The audience is encouraged to participate in these highly interactive shows that run for about 20 minutes.

Cosmic Courtyard
Visitors journey through several spheres of the universe, with Earth at the centre. They can enjoy their own personal look into space through exhibits, video games, news updates and facts. You can touch a real moon rock, morph yourself into an alien, fly and dock the Space Shuttle to the International Space Station and more.

Gordon MacMillan Southam Observatory
Explore the solar system with the Space Centre’s 0.5 metre telescope. The Gordon MacMillan Southam Observatory is volunteer run and is open to the public on clear weekend evenings. It is recommended that you call to check conditions before you plan a visit to the Observatory.

Laser & Light Shows
What is a Planetarium without a Laser & Light Show? Watch your favorite bands with dazzling visual effects in our Planetarium Star Theatre.

Kid Friendly Programs
The Space Centre runs special programs, including Educational and Outreach Programs, and also hosts Birthday Parties, Sleepovers and Cosmo Camps.

Contact Details:
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Tel: 604-738-7827
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