Playland is part of the Pacific National Exhibition (PNE) fairgrounds in Vancouver and is BC’s most famous amusement park. Playland features exhilarating rides and attractions, exciting midway games, mini-golf, a climbing wall, arcade and a variety of delicious food.

Playland offers over 35 rides and attractions, including three exciting roller coasters. One of the most loved and talked about attractions at Playland is the historic Wooden Roller Coaster. This spectacular coaster has been operating at the park since 1958 and is cited as a “Coaster Classic” by the American Coaster Enthusiasts organization, which is an honour shared by only 22 other wooden coasters in the world.

For the more adventurous visitors, there is the Corkscrew roller coaster which takes thrill-seekers upside down with a double helix inversion and the extreme swing ride Atmosfear, which takes you up 218 feet in the air while spinning 70km/hour. The first of its kind to North America, The Beast, is Canada’s most extreme pendulum ride. With one menacing pendulum arm, you will be swung 120 degrees in either direction, reaching heights of over 125 feet, all while flying 90 km/hr in a seat that spins you 360 degrees! For those wanting a slower pace, there’s a variety of rides including the Westcoast Wheel, a ferris wheel that gives you views of the entire city.

Unique to Playland is Kids Playce, an area designated for families with children between the ages of 2-10. Kids Playce provides the perfect setting for families looking to spend some time together in a clean, safe and kid-friendly environment. In 2017, three new rides were added to Kids Playce: Bug Whirled, The Flutterbye and Dizzy Drop.

Bring your friends and family out to Playland for a full day of fun!

The Pacific National Exhibition (PNE) fairgrounds was established in 1910 to showcase British Columbia. The PNE operates on a 114-acre site at the City of Vancouver-owned Hastings Park and consists of Playland, the annual 15-day Fair at the PNE, and Fright Nights at Playland. The PNE also includes year-round rental facilities for concerts, conventions, trade shows and sporting events with the Pacific Coliseum the largest venue within Hastings Park. The Pacific Coliseum was proud to be the official venue for Short Track Speed Skating and Figure Skating during the 2010 Winter Olympic Games and is currently celebrating its 50th year, having first opened its doors in 1958.

No single location in Vancouver captures the spirit and history of this city, its people and its many achievements as the Pacific National Exhibition. For over 100 years, millions of guests have enjoyed shows, exhibits, sporting events, amusement rides, concerts, cultural activities and, of course, the annual Fair at the PNE. It’s fun for the entire family!

Playland is open from May to September – check for days and times.

Playland Amusement Park
PNE Fairgrounds
2901 East Hastings Street
Hastings Park
Vancouver, BC, V5K 5J1

Phone: 604-253-2311
Fax: 604-251-7753

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Rides at Playland

Playland offers rides to match the most extreme thrill-seeker to the slightly queasy stomach fairgoer. Are you looking for an experience you can share with the whole family? Jump on one of our three newest family rides, Bug Whirled, The Flutterbye or Dizzy Drop. If it’s games you seek, Playland’s midway games will keep your brain and hand/eye coordination busy. Interested in an adrenaline rush? Check out Atmosfear, the historic Wooden Roller Coaster, Revelation or The Beast! Need a break from all the excitement? Grab a tasty treat from any of the different food venues at Playland. At Playland, there’s literally something for everyone!

Sitting in a double swing, you’ll be raised 218ft up to the sky while spinning 360° at 70km/hr. This is a breathtaking experience that offers you an unparalleled panoramic view of the entire city, or on the flip side, a height defying, dizzy blur that leaves you begging for solid ground!

The Beast
As wild and dark as its name depicts, The Beast will have you screaming with terror from before you even get strapped in. With one menacing pendulum arm, you will be swung 120° in either direction, reaching heights of over 120 feet, all while flying 90 km/hr in a seat that spins you 360°. Sounds as scary as it is, trust us!

Get ready to rattle and hum with this ride’s flashy lights and loud music. The ride concept is simple – 16 cars spin around one large rotating disk but don’t be fooled – this crazy ride, with its insane lateral forces and multi-directional variable speed can really boogie!

You’ll flip over this coaster! The Corkscrew roller coaster at Playland is one of the most popular rides in the nine-acre park. This high velocity thrill ride, designed for a wide range of ages, features a thrilling double helix inversion. In operation at Playland since 1994, the Corkscrew scream machine twists and turns around its track, providing a great spectacle for the crowds watching below!

Crazy Beach Party
Hang on to your coconuts – the Crazy Beach Party is definitely going to throw you for a spin! Also known as the Frisbee, this exciting ride is usually found in some of the larger theme parks of the world. The thrilling action of the Crazy Beach Party will send riders spinning rapidly on a huge disc while swinging back and forth like a pendulum to a height of 90 degrees!

Drop Zone
Get ready for the flight of your life! The 100-foot free fall of the Drop Zone will definitely get your adrenaline pumping. Riders wear specially designed flight suits that connect to cables suspended from two steel archway towers. Fliers are lifted to the top of the towers and are in charge of pulling their own rip cord, hurling themselves into an unforgettable free fall. Fly solo, in a pair, or a threesome – you’ll definitely be flying high on the Drop Zone!

Additional charge for this ride (not included in admission)

Very popular in both amusement parks and carnivals, the Enterprise has entertained guests at Playland since 1984. Twenty cars are attached on the end of a large wheel which in turn is supported by a giant arm. Once the wheel is in full rotation, the arm begins to lift creating a “taking off” experience and before you know it you are completely upside down. Don’t panic – gravity saves you from falling on your head!

Catch the wave on the Flume water ride! This wet and wild ride takes its passengers on a relaxing, scenic log ride until riders are plummeted down a 40-foot drop, soaking both riders and onlookers alike with a monstrous splash! Prepare to get WET!

For a true adventurer only! This colourful family thrill ride features three arms with twelve rapidly spinning air boats that raise and lower into a twirling frenzy of unstoppable giggles while you travel through your very own swamp.

The hair-raising ride of the Hellevator is a must for thrill-seekers looking to experience 4.5 G’s of total fun! Riders are secured in seats, surrounding a 202-foot vertical tower, where the seat cart shoots upward at speeds up to 80 km/h and then free falls back towards the ground, providing an added free-falling force of negative 1 G on the way down. Hold on tight ‘cause this feeling will almost knock you out of this world!

Hell’s Gate
Hell’s Gate is like no other attraction and the ride sensation can only be described as superlative. Thanks to modern technology riders have the opportunity to experience vertical circular movements while swinging around the same trajectory. Riders also experience the swing of a pendulum and the thrills of looping around 360 degrees – all within a very small space! If these elements weren’t enough, riders and spectators are teased with the possibility of becoming victims of the water fountains that are synchronized throughout the entire experience!

Music Express
Do you wanna go faster? The many bright colours, loud music and impressive speed of the Music Express make this attraction a guest favourite at Playland. The ride motion gives you the feeling of almost being thrown out your seat but the two restraint systems of the ride keep you safely inside! The next time you ride the Music Express, try sitting toward the outside of your seat for an added “squishing” experience!

Pirate Ship
This gut-twisting rocking motion of the Pirate Ship has allowed it to remain one of Playland’s most popular mid-way attractions since 1984. The Pirate Ship takes you on a rocking journey into a stormy sea. The pendulum like motion of the ride provides Buccaneers a feeling of complete weightlessness as the boat hangs at the height of the swing prior to changing direction. You’ll definitely need to find your “land legs” after this ride!

The Revelation is one of the fastest and most exhilarating extreme rides in the world! Designed like a giant airplane propeller, the Revelation holds two to four riders comfortably in the cockpit seats at each end of its 160-foot arm. Riders take off quickly spinning up to 100 kph and experience the same intense “G” forces as fighter pilots! The combination of the rotation, tremendous height, high speed and the rush of wind will definitely reveal the intensity of the ride. Not for the faint of heart, the Revelation is for the ultimate thrill-seeker!

Additional charge for this ride (not included in admission)

Rock out, drive hard, and hold on! Rock-N-Cars is BRAND NEW to Playland. This new attraction allows riders to pick the bumper car of their dreams, whether it be a Formula 1 themed race car or a speedy sports car. With the music blaring, the adrenaline rushing and your car ready to go, you’ll be off, bumping into your family and friends from every angle! This new attraction is now safe for even littler riders, so the whole family can strap in and have fun together! Each bumper car is protected by a rubber bumper which creates a bouncing experience on impact. On this highway no one gets hurt and everyone has a rockin’ good time!

The Scrambler is an all-time favourite of guests at Playland. The Scrambler propels riders around in an orbit-like pattern on one of its three arms, giving the impression to the rider that he/she is narrowly escaping a collision with passing riders on each orbit. Not for the faint of heart as you will definitely feel “scrambled” after this ride!

Wave Swinger
Imported from Germany with its hand painted scenery, the Wave Swinger has been spinning away at Playland for many years. A total of 48 seats sit suspended from the umbrella like top and swing outward while the ride gathers speeds up to 30 mph. There’s no better way to cool down or dry off on a hot summer day than a fun ride on the Wave Swinger.

Westcoast Wheel
Designed for riders of all ages, this ferris wheel offers spectacular views of the mountains, city and surrounding areas.

Wooden Roller Coaster
Built board by board in 1958, the Wooden Roller Coaster is Playland’s most historic and spectacular attraction. Reaching speeds of 45 mph on the steepest drop, the many twists, turns and hops of the Wooden Roller Coaster keep you on the edge of your seat until the last hair-raising turn into the station!

Kids Playce at Playland!

Kids Playce at Playland is a special zone filled with soft-play areas and rides for families with children aged 2 to 10 years, providing the perfect setting for families looking to spend some activity time in a clean, safe and kid-friendly environment! Special grass picnic areas are perfectly suited for families looking to have a picnic right in Playland! Check out some of the fun rides!

Balloon Explorers
This hot air balloon ride is safe for you and your little ones. Rise high up into the sky and explore the park around you as you soar higher then lower while slowly turning 360°. Adults welcome.

Bug Whirled – New for 2017!
Spin your way through a magical land on the new coaster ride, Bug Whirled.

Cap’n KC
Ahoy matey! Little ones can join Cap’n KC Bear on the open waters in their own sailboat. Look for parrots and palm trees along the way, while keeping your eyes open for buried treasure!

Calling all young thrill-seekers to give Choppers a whirl! Rev those engines and grab onto the handlebars as you fly through the air on your own chopper motorcycle!

Cool Cruzers
The Cool Cruzers are a favourite ride for youngsters because it provides an opportunity for young drivers to experience the “real” thrill of steering and driving an automobile. Bright and shiny punch buggies and cool jeeps chase each other around the track.

Dizzy Drop – New for 2017!
Hold onto your hat as you shoot up to the sky then take the plunge back down on the marvelous Dizzy Drop.

The Flutterbye – New for 2017!
Peddle your way up to the clouds then back down to the ground flapping your wings as you go on The Flutterbye.

Honeybee Express
Come explore as the train winds its way through an enchanted forest and other natural west coast wonders, and if you’re lucky, catch a glimpse of KC, Playland’s beloved mascot. All Aboard! Adults welcome.

Kettle Creek Mine Coaster
Jump on board the runaway mine train! Adults and children alike can experience the thrills and excitement of a mine car adventure through a rough and rugged terrain. Hang on to your hats – this kid’s coaster is sure to take you on a fantastic journey!

The Merry-Go-Round will always be one of the most popular attractions at any amusement park and it’s no exception at Playland! Get swept away on a musical experience as the platform of the Merry-Go-Round turns slowly, gently moving the beautifully decorated horses up and down while the carousel music plays softly in the background. Adults welcome.

Super Slide
Come grab your mat and take a trip down the super fun, super slide. Ready, Set, Slide! Adults welcome.

One of our newest additions to Kids Playce, this is the ride that you remember from childhood! The entire family can get in one teacup and take a spin together on this classic amusement park ride. Adults welcome.

Attractions at Playland

CHQ (Command Headquarters) has moved into the Playland arcade buildings and is providing the latest in games available from around the world. Many titles you won’t see anywhere else so come check out what’s inside! This is virtually a contained Fun Center in the middle of the park with games to entertain the whole family.

Additional charge for this attraction (not included in admission)

Bonanza Shooting Gallery
An amusement park classic, the Bonanza waits for the sharpshooter in all of us. Try your skill at shooting all of the 30+ targets inside this old west shooting gallery. Whether you challenge a friend or just practice shooting a few yourself, Bonanza will definitely keep you entertained!

Additional charge for this attraction (not included in admission)

Climbing Wall
For those of you that always wanted to climb Mount Everest, our Climbing Wall is certainly the place to begin. Standing a full 35 feet in height, the wall has three climbing stations, two for beginners and one for the expert. New climbers can easily scale the climbing surface outfitted with multiple handholds closely spaced together, while more experienced climbers will be challenged with fewer handholds strategically placed on uneven climbing surfaces. When the climber reaches the top of the wall, or becomes tired and wants to come down, an automated Belay system gently lowers the climber as if the climber is repelling down a mountainside. The climbing wall provides a unique challenge for all ages.
Climbers must be at least 42” tall.
Included with admission during regular Playland operating hours.

Glass House
The Glass House is a fun-filled attraction for both adults and children. Come test your skills at finding your way out of a winding maze of glass. Adults beware: you may need your child’s assistance!

Haunted Mansion
There is a new family in town. This Haunted Mansion, mastered by the deviously brilliant Dr. Luther Van Horn, has been transformed from a once lovely Manor into a house of horror. Experience the sounds of terror that travel through all crevasses of this oversized Mansion. Encounter the destructive descendants of the Van Horn family who stalk the halls of the large Manor waiting … for you. You have been cordially invited.
Not recommended for children under 12.
Additional charge for this attraction (not included in admission)

Pacific Adventure Golf
Enjoy the tranquil surroundings as you putt your way through the many challenging obstacles at Pacific Adventure Golf. It’s great entertainment for the entire family!

Additional charge for this ride (not included in admission)

Ride Photos
Ride photos are the perfect souvenir of your day at Playland. What will your expression be as you take the plunge down the Wooden Roller Coaster’s daunting hill or as you plummet down the 40 foot drop at the Flume? And parents, don’t forget your child’s first memory of the Kettle Creek Mine Coaster!

Visit each of our three ride photo booths to see our new exciting products including an e-mail option.

Tats Temporary Tattoos
Want to make your day at Playland really memorable? Get a tattoo–a temporary one, that is. Tats Temporary Tattoos has a large selection to choose from, including animals, symbols, tribal designs, kids’ designs, and even half–sleeve design options. Prices range from $5–$25, and if you’re lucky, you can catch the $3 daily deal!
Tats Temporary Tattoos is located beside White Spot.

Games at Playland

Playland has a variety of exciting skill-testing games suitable for the entire family! From the fast and furious pinball style game of Derby Downs to the popular Water Racer, the Playland midway is pure excitement and fun!

CHQ (Command Headquarters) has the latest in games available from around the world. Many titles you won’t see anywhere else so come check out what’s inside! This is virtually a contained Fun Center in the middle of the park with games to entertain the whole family.

Groups at Playland

Playland also caters to groups, offering the following services:

  • Birthday Parties
  • Corporate Events
  • Education
  • Passport to Thrills
  • School Year End Parties

Amenties at Playland

Playland offers the following services:

  • Rental Lockers are available at the main entrance of Playland for a nominal fee
  • Automatic Teller Machine (ATMs) are located next to Guest Services at the main entrance of Playland and at Pizza Pizza.
  • Stroller and Wheelchair Rentals are available at Guest Services
  • Restrooms with baby change tables
  • Restrooms with handicap access
  • Public telephones located both inside and outside the main gates of Playland
  • Lost Children Service
  • Lost & Found Service
  • Guest with Disabilities Services

Contact Details:

Playland Amusement Park
PNE Fairgrounds
2901 East Hastings Street
Hastings Park
Vancouver, BC
V5K 5J1

Phone: 604-253-2311
Fax: 604-251-7753

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Bring your friends and family out to Playland for a full day of fun! Located on the historic PNE fairgrounds, only 10 minutes from downtown Vancouver, Playland includes over 35 rides and attractions for adults, teens and children. Playland is Vancouver’s most thrilling destination, featuring the historic Wooden Roller Coaster, the swing ride Atmosfear, Crazy Beach Party, and Canada’s most extreme pendulum ride, The Beast! Playland also features Kids Playce, a special area filled with rides and attractions for families with children aged 2 to 10. New for 2017 will be the addition of three new family rides: Bug Whirled, The Flutterbye and Dizzy Drop. Open May 6 – September 17.

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