Most people, when they think of Barkerville, think of the gold-rush centre that was once the largest city west of Chicago and north of San Francisco. Barkerville Park is adjacent to the restored town, a very popular destination for tourists, and camping at the park may be a good alternative to seeking private accommodations.

A gateway into the past, Barkerville offers visitors a glimpse of the days when haggard prospectors paid for their whisky with gold dust, and can-can dancers could scoop up a tip without missing a beat.

Guided tours throughout the town bring the lore of the Gold Rush to life, with period actors roaming the streets dressed in the costumes of historical characters, and greeting visitors as if they had just arrived on the Barnard Express stagecoach. And for those who contract gold fever (and there are always a few), there’s plenty of gold panning to be had. Good luck!

The park provides a total of 168 campsites distributed throughout 3 campgrounds; Lowhee, Government Hill and Forest Rose. Lowhee has 87 sites; Government Hill has 25 sites and Forest Rose has 56 sites all with basic facilities. Campsite reservations are available for Lowhee campground only.

Campground Dates with Full Services and Fees:
Forest Rose campground – July 1 to September 2
Government Hill campground – June 15 to September 15
Lowhee campground – June 1 to September 30

The park provides a variety of activities for those who are either passing through, or staying over night. While visiting here, stretch your legs along one of the three hikes suitable for an afternoon ramble. The trail to Mount Agnes goes from Barkerville to Richfield, following the route of the original Cariboo Wagon Trail to Summit Rock. In winter groomed cross country ski and snowmobile trails are located throughout the Wells/Barkerville area.

Barkerville Park is located approximately 89km east of Quesnel on Highway 26.

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Park Notices

  • This park is no longer a BC Provincial Park, and is administered by the Historic Townsite of Barkerville. To find out more about this park, visit the Barkerville Historic Town website.