The chain of lakes within Nazko Lake Provincial Park provide the opportunity for an enjoyable canoe trip of two to three days. This route enjoys beautiful scenery, good fishing, wildlife viewing and wilderness camping.

The 20-km canoe wilderness canoe circuit spans six lakes (Deerpelt Lake, Nazko Lake, Tanilkul Lake, Nastachi Lake, Tzazati Lake, and Tchusiniltil Lake) and has easy portages – most of the portages are marked.

Wilderness campsites are located at Loomis and Deerpelt Lakes and a car top boat launch is available at Nazko Lake. All campsites are on a first-come, first-served basis. Note that Loomis Lake is not connected to the canoe circuit. A pit toilet and two picnic tables are provided at both sites, but firewood and potable water are not available. As the park is an undeveloped wilderness area, visitors should be self-sufficient and properly equipped.

The 12,419-hectare Nazko Lake Provincial Park protects wetlands to the east of the canoe chain, and along portions of the lakeshores and the Nazko River. Wetlands are important for waterfowl, shorebirds, aquatic fur-bearers and moose, as well as the amphibians, fish and insects that live and breed in the park.

The American White Pelican feeds on the lakes within Nazko Lake Park and other lakes in the Chilcotin. Pelicans are legally designated as an Endangered Species in British Columbia. The one nesting site in British Columbia is closed to the public during spring and summer, as the pelicans are very susceptible to disturbance when nesting – see White Pelican Provincial Park. Nazko Lake Park is a feeding area for the birds, and they may be seen feeding on fish in the morning and evening, by dipping their bills into the water while swimming or when standing in shallow water. They also feed on frogs, salamanders and crayfish.

Nazko Lake Provincial Park is located in the northern part of the Chilcotin Plateau, northwest of Alexis Creek and 63 miles (100 km) northwest of Williams Lake off the Bella Coola Highway 20. Access is on logging roads and a dirt track. Turn onto the 1300 Alex Graham/Ravel Lake forest Service Road (FSR), 13 miles (21 km) west of Riske Creek. Continue on this road for about 28 miles (45 km) keeping left at the junction of the 1500 FSR. Turn left on the 4600 FSR and continue for another 28 miles (45 km) to the right-hand track leading to the Nazko Lake Canoe Chain. Loomis Lake and Deerpelt Lake are located along this track.

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