Tantalus Provincial Park is situated in the Tantalus Range of the Coast Mountains, just north of Squamish and 40 miles (64 km) northwest of Vancouver. Tantalus park includes scenic Lake Lovely and the former Lake Lovely Water Recreation Area. Located at 3,800 feet above sea level, the park includes beautiful sub-alpine and alpine settings and cascading mountain streams. There are glacier views from Lake Lovely Water and a view of the Blacktusk in Garibaldi Provincial Park in the distance.

Tantalus Provincial Park (11,351 hectares) provides excellent opportunities for hiking, fishing, mountaineering and advanced backcountry skiing. This is a remote wilderness area, with limited access and no park facilities.

There are several excellent climbing locations throughout the park, and a cabin on the east end of the lake is available for public use in the late spring, summer and fall by reservation through the Alpine Club of Canada 604-687-2711. There are two canoes at the cabin available for paying guests.

Lake Lovely Water Trail is a 6.5-km (4-6 hour) hike to Lake Lovely Water. The trail is very rugged and steep. Good route finding skills and proper equipment and clothing are required. Weather can change quickly, causing limited visibility. There are steep and rugged established trails leading from the cabin towards Niobe Meadows (approximately 2.5km one way) and Lambda Lake Meadows (approximately 3.5km one way).

The are walk-in campsites with two pit toilets at Lake Lovely Water, available on a user-maintained basis. Camping in Niobe meadows is prohibited.

At Lake Lovely water there is cool alpine lake swimming, with a small dock located near the Alpine Club of Canada cabin. The shore is bedrock near the cabin and campground, but there is a sandy spit west of the cabin. Fishing is possible in Lake Lovely Water as it has been stocked with trout.

Tantalus Provincial Park is located north and northwest of Squamish, west of the Sea to Sky Highway 99 in the Vancouver, Coast and Mountains region of British Columbia. Access to Tantalus is by hiking, as there is no road access into the park. Only authorized helicopter or float plane operators may fly into the park. The park is open year round when accessible.

The trailhead for the trail to Lake Lovely Water is located on the west side of the Squamish River, so a canoe is needed to cross the river, which can be difficult and dangerous due to the speed and volume of the river. The cable car is locked and not available for public use.

To reach the Squamish River go west from Highway 99 onto Squamish Valley Road (passed the dump). Turn left onto Squamish River Road at the fork in the road just past the Cheekye Bridge. Two kilometres past the fork turn left on the unmarked dirt road. Travel approximately 2 km down this road to the Squamish River. The lower portion of this dirt road crosses private property, and permission to cross should be sought from the landowner. BC Parks does not recommend using this road at this time.

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