Mountain biking, as it is understood in most of the province, is an unknown activity in northeastern British Columbia. Thousands of miles of logging road, both used and unused, stretch out before the fat tires that may be the first to leave an imprint here.

Ski and snowmobile trails are plentiful, and see little action in the summer, occasionally for good reason: marshes freeze in the winter, eh? However, the intrepid mountain biker can follow cut lines, trap lines, and other trails that head into the bush. Very few trails have restrictions, so a hiking trail like Baldy Mountain or the trail to Monkman Lake in Monkman Provincial Park can be turned into a mountain-biking trek, with no one to say otherwise.

The area around the Tumbler Ridge townsite near Monkman is rife with multi-use trails. In winter, snowmobiles and cross-country skiers roam at will through the forest, but in summer, hiking and mountain biking are the order of the day. Some of the more popular trails start off Bergeron Crescent in Tumbler Ridge. For the extreme biker, these trails will be a walk in the park; enjoy the views over Flatbed Creek and the Murray River as you pedal along.

Bear Mountain near Dawson Creek is a popular mountain-biking area just southwest of town, where 15.5 miles (25 km) of trails run through this community forest.