The beach at Paleface Creek on Chilliwack Lake near Chilliwack is an ideal staging area, and windsurfers love the winds that are almost guaranteed to blow across the lake daily. There’s also a sturdily constructed boat launch with an entrance located just north of Paleface Creek. The sand here is very fine quality, which is a good thing because you’ll spend more time stretched out on it than in the chilly waters of the big lake. There are awesome views on all sides as the ramrod-straight fir forest rises to icefields and scissor-cut peaks.

Along the Silverhope Road west of Hope, windsurfers search out Silver Lake Provincial Park. The same strong winds that prove so favourable for gliders here at the east end of the Fraser Valley also power windsurfers across this lake’s chilly surface. Wet suits are recommended year-round. There is a small campground located here with several dozen vehicle/tent sites. A fee is charged for camping between April and October.