The Coast Mountains region introduces adrenaline junkies to one of the favourite adventure tours in BC – Jet Boating. Jet refers to the stream of water produced for propulsion. The aluminium-hulled jet boats can navigate in water only inches deep, offering a unique experience as they travel to virtually inaccessible and remote areas where other boats cannot venture.

Squamish, Whistler & Pemberton

Jet Boating is available on the Squamish River, the Upper Lillooet River and its tributaries the Green and Birkenhead Rivers, Lillooet Lake, and the Lillooet River east of Whistler that flows south To Harrison Lake.

During periods of snow melt, high water levels on the Green and Lillooet Rivers in the Pemberton Valley allow jet boats to challenge rapids through sheer granite canyons, embarking on wild downstream runs past ancient coastal forests. The Green River trip takes guests past imposing granite walls to the base of the thundering Nairn Falls.

Jet Boating provides the ultimate sightseeing tour of the Squamish River and the Squamish River Valley. Carved by a massive glacier millions of years ago, the beautiful Squamish Valley is a lush rain forest lined with rugged glaciated mountain peaks.

The New Zealand style jet boat will wind its way up the Squamish River, covering 20 to 25 miles of river in an hour, with photo stops along the way, so be sure to bring your camera. Views along the way include an abundance of wildlife, spectacular waterfalls, snowcapped mountains, and massive old-growth trees in the lush west coast rain forest.

The jetboating tours depart from the Adventure Centre in Squamish on a shuttle through the Squamish countryside, and can also incorporate a breathtaking flight over Garibaldi Provincial Park to view scenery that perfectly showcases British Columbia’s outdoor wilderness, alpine meadows, and massive glacier-capped mountains. Jetboating can also be combined with River Whitewater Rafting on the Elaho River, which runs into the Squamish River. The Elaho River is a Class 4 river providing great whitewater excitement.

Fraser River and the Fraser Valley

Thrill seekers can embark on a jet boating journey to discover the remarkable history of the might Fraser River, the largest river in the province, which has carved a rich legacy for British Columbia.

The adventure begins at the logging harbour in Mission, on the Scenic Highway 7, boarding a fully-covered, all-weather safari craft, custom designed to provide the utmost in comfort and safety. The highly trained guide will weave through the huge braided channels of the Fraser River, centered between the Coast Mountains and Cascade Mountains north of the USA border, and overlooking the snow capped volcano Mt Baker.

Jet boating trips explore the mighty Fraser River, the stunning Fraser Canyon, Hell’s Gate, Harrison River, Harrison Lake, Lillooet River, Pitt River, and Pitt Lake. All levels of tours are available, including calm and relaxing, incredible scenery, and wild and wet. In addition to Missio, there are also daily departures from Hope, Harrison Hot Springs, and Harrison Bay.

Before reaching the snow-fed waters of the Harrison River, your guide will stop along the way to relate First Nation legend and tell tales of missionaries, fur traders, gold miners, and the elusive Sasquatch, an allegedly-mythical being that is immensely powerful and much larger in stature than humans, walks upright, is covered in hair, and is believed to possess advanced spiritual abilities. They are respectfully known by the First Nations as the Sasquatch People.

Every changing season brings with it a new hive of activity on the Fraser River, with abundant birdlife as well as the often-sighted bears, seals, and deer, all providing a paradise for both the seasoned and amateur photographer.