Sheer joy for the adrenaline junky! Let the experts take your money, truss you up like a chicken and coax you off their bridge… At 50km per hour you’ll plummet toward the Nanaimo River!

A guaranteed rush overflowing with anxiety, terror and stares of bewilderment – at no extra charge!For even greater thrills, override logic and dignity on Valentine’s Day and become a full-frontal extrovert: jump nude!

Other thrills include Tandem jumps, Rapelling, Swings from the bridge at speeds of 140 km/h, and a Zip Line that extends in a deep arc along the canyon, reaching speeds of up to 100 km/h. Note that there is no age limit on the Zip Line and the King Swing.

There’s more than just bungy jumping at Wild Play Element Park. The zone has added a new TreeGo park, which allows guests to swing and climb through the trees in a kind of obstacle course reminiscent of a playground jungle gym.

TreeGo is divided into four courses, each of increasing height and difficulty, and a children’s course for ages 12 and under. Guests have the option of completing the entire five courses or opting out at any of the exit points. The entire course can be completed in approximately two and a half hours.

Wild Play Element Park, located alongside the Island Highway south of downtown Nanaimo, claims itself to be the home of North America’s first and only bridge built specifically for bungy jumpers