Flyboarding Fun in the Okanagan Sun

Flyboarding in the Okanagan Valley, British Columbia

Flyboarding is an exciting new water sport creating waves around the world … all the way to the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia. Powered by water alone, a flyer can soar 15 metres into the air with feet strapped to a flyboard that is itself joined by an umbilical cord to a personal watercraft (Jetski).

Sound like fun? It is, and you should tick this exhilarating challenge off your bucket list! Flyboarding is easy to learn and suitable […]

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Saskatchewan sends their Homeless to British Columbia

Saskatchewan sends their Homeless to British Columbia

The Saskatchewan Ministry of Social Services has a unique way of taking care of their homeless population, including those who may have a history of addiction or mental health. Their quick fix is to pay to bus them to Vancouver and Victoria in British Columbia. Problem solved. For them. Not so for BC, and not so for those who are shipped away to neither home nor job, and no health care until they qualify.

Two young First Nations men […]

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Campground Reservations start March 15 for BC Provincial Parks

Lake Of The Woods near Hope, east of Vancouver in British Columbia, Canada.

Discover an outdoor utopia amongst our pristine alpine lakes, rugged mountainous interior, and misty old-growth forests carpeted with dew-soaked ferns and moss. Pitch a tent, or just hike in for the day – in British Columbia you can see nature as it was meant to be seen, in all its breathtaking glory.

The Discover Camping Internet Reservation Service allows you to book a campsite in a BC provincial park allowing you to travel to […]

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Great Bear Rainforest Outer Islands Kayak Expedition

Great Bear Rainforest Outer Islands Expedition by Spirit of the West Kayaking, British Coplumbia, Canada

Enter the wild. Explore the unspoiled Central Coast of British Columbia.

The world-renowned Great Bear Rainforest, on the central coast of BC, is home to the largest remaining temperate rainforest in the world. This area is ripe for adventure: remote, wild, and exemplifying BC’s incredible coastal wilderness.

A kayaking adventure with Spirit of the West Adventures is the perfect way to explore this untouched region. You’ll find dramatic scenery, protected inlets […]

Site C Dam land once recommended as a BC Provincial Park

One of the Peace River Islands, an important calving ground for ungulates in Peace-Boudreau, Northern British Columbia. Photo: Tristan Brand.

Braving freezing temperatures and risking arrest, an alliance of First Nations members and local landowners have camped out on the site of the first European settlement in British Columbia to protect the Peace River from destructive land clearing for the Site C dam.

While the camp has rightfully earned significant media attention, few outside the region are aware that it’s located in an area so high in ecological […]

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Exploring British Columbia’s Okanagan Wine Country

Exploring British Columbia's Okanagan Wine Country, Okanagan Valley, BC, Canada

Working in the travel business, we are always looking for places we’ve never been to before. A friend of ours told us about an area of Canada worth a visit. We discovered a valley in BC with a unique geography, fine climate and superb wines. Located in British Columbia, Canada, the agricultural Okanagan Valley reinvented itself when someone discovered that the landscape and the benefits of the mild climate had potential for growing grapes.

Exploring <a href=[…]

Far-flung Northern BC and Mythical Haida Gwaii

Sgang Gwaay: Far-flung Northern British Columbia and Mythical Haida Gwaii, BC, Canada. Photo: Heron Weir

We The North

It’s February. The North lays blanketed in a shock of white: an outer insulation stilling movement and sound. Simply, snow is quiet. And in the midst of this hush, hands are abustle.

Margaret Graine is shaping silver and gemstones in the remote hamlet of McBride. “For some artists, place does not matter,” says Margaret. “However, if you are inspired by rivers, stones, glaciers and pine trees, the […]

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