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Located in the northwestern part of the province, Meziadin Lake Provincial Park is a favourite destination for travellers and residents alike. There’s good whitefish, rainbow trout, and dolly varden fishing at Meziadin Lake, but the best fishing is off the gravel bars at the mouths of many of the creeks that drain into the lake.
There’s a fish ladder at the south end of Meziadin Lake, where the Nass River flows out. Chinook spawn here in late summer, and it’s truly an impressive sight. Fish of up to 13.5 kg leap into the air as they navigate the ladder. Across the lake is the Hanna Creek Salmon Viewing Area, best viewing time is late summer-early fall.

For those wishing simply to paddle around a lake for a few hours while in this neck of the woods, Meziadin Lake is good to float about on. Those who enjoy hiking can also find sanction, as there are approximately 20 glaciers within close proximity to the park.

Meziadin Lake Provincial Park provides 60 vehicle/ tent campsites, which fill up quickly in summer, many of its picturesque campsites are right at lakeside. Facilities provided include boat launch, water, firewood, and pit toilets. The park is open from May to September and fees are collected during this time.

Meziadin Lake Provincial Park is located on Meziadan Lake at Meziadin Junction in Northern British Columbia, approximately 28 miles (45 km) northeast of Stewart on the Stewart-Cassiar Highway 37.

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