Boundary Creek Provincial Park is more of a historic site than an outdoor destination. In the early 1900’s before the First World War, the BC Copper Company smelter located on the shores of Boundary Creek was the largest copper processor in North America. It employed over 400 men and served 20 copper and gold mines in the surrounding hills. The smelter operated between 1901 and 1918. Remnants of the smelter are still present, as the aging structure still stands with a nearby slag heap.

You can camp beneath the cotton woods at Boundary Creek Provincial Park, this tranquil park offers 18 modest vehicle/tent sites. The campground offers only the basic amenities and is open from May – October; during the off-season the gate is closed.

Boundary Falls is located nearby, approximately one kilometre upstream – the falls served as a smuggling depot, power generation site and water source for hydraulic mining.

The park is located 3km west of Greenwood on Highway 3.
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